Blinq Ring

What’s Blinq Ring?

Blinq Ring helps your life in three areas: it provides notifications for smartphone applications, works as a discreet panic button, and provides fitness tracking. You can use and customize the Blinq Smart Ring with an Android and iOS app via Bluetooth.  

More about Blinq Ring functionalities

App Notifications

Blinq Smart Rings provides you smartphone app notifications on your finger through vibrations and flashing LED alerts in four different colors. With the app, you can customize notifications, assign alerts for specific contacts, or turn it all off and choose who gets through, and choose favorite app notifications.
Blinq syncs with over 150 apps on iOS and Android. If an app is installed on your phone, you can choose to receive notifications from it in the color of your choice, or discretely via vibration.

Panic Button

Blinq has a built-in SOS alert system. It allows you to send an SMS message with geo-location information to preselected contacts, and notify social media communities, by tapping the ring repeatedly.  

Fitness Tracker

Blinq Ring comes with a built-in step, distance, and calorie tracker for Google Fit and Apple Health.

product functionalities
Product categories
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Sleep Tracking and Improvement
Stress Level Monitoring and Management
Heart Rate Measurement and Monitoring
Blood Oxygen Sensor
Sleep Apnea Screening
Step Counter for Activity Tracking
Public Travel Pass
Contactless Payment
Access Card/Badge
Voice Assistant Controller
tech specs
Bluetooth for Wireless Connection
Gyroscope Sensor
NFC - Near Field Communication
Water Resistance
5 Atm
Battery Life/Passive device with no battery
2 days
Smartphone and Computer Operating System (OS) Support
Android, iOS
product availability
Is the product available for purchases?
Launched in 2017