HB Ring

What does HB Ring do?

HB Ring is a highly sophisticated, luxury smart jewellery made of premium materials such as sapphire glass and 18K solid rose gold. It is made for couples to see and feel the heartbeat of the loved one. 

By tapping HB Ring, you can see the real-time heartbeat of your loved one on your ring. It saves the last recorded heartbeat, and shows it when real-time heartbeat is not available. It also provides a random-mode - i.e., it randomly shows you the real-time heartbeat of your partner to surprise you during the day. 

Using HB Ring

HB Ring is easy to take into use: just download the smartphone app, connect to your ring, and  pair with the HB Ring of your partner. The application lets you pair your rings without physically being next to each other.


HB Ring housings are made of Stainless Steel. However, Solid Rose Gold HB Rings are also available. All HB Rings come with Unibody Sapphire Crystal outer shell.

The stylish piano black delivery box doubles its function as a wireless charging dock.

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Sleep Tracking and Improvement
Stress Level Monitoring and Management
Heart Rate Measurement and Monitoring
Blood Oxygen Sensor
Sleep Apnea Screening
Step Counter for Activity Tracking
Public Travel Pass
Contactless Payment
Access Card/Badge
Voice Assistant Controller
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Bluetooth for Wireless Connection
Gyroscope Sensor
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Water resistant
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1 day
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Android, iOS
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