What's ORII Ring?

The ORII smart ring is, first and foremost, an extension for your smartphone. With ORII, you can make phone calls, control a voice assistant, receive app notifications, and more.
The most unique part of ORII is that it functions as a microphone and loudspeaker for your smartphone - using bone conductivity technology to carry the voice audio between the smart ring and smartphone!

How bone conduction works on ORII Smart Ring? 

The bone conduction transducer devices in the ring convert electrical signals into vibrations that travel through bones in your finger, directly into the inner ear, bypassing the eardrums. This is why bone conduction, when appropriately applied, can offer adequate audio quality even in noisy environments. Besides, ORII uses a smaller actuator and lower power compared to other bone-conduction devices to minimize sound leakage.

Orii Bone Conduction Smart Ring

Other Features on ORII Smart Ring

The other features include gesture controlling functionalities to allow, for instance, waking up a voice assistant for checking time and messages, controlling music, and lights at home.

product functionalities
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Sleep Tracking and Improvement
Stress Level Monitoring and Management
Heart Rate Measurement and Monitoring
Blood Oxygen Sensor
Sleep Apnea Screening
Step Counter for Activity Tracking
Public Travel Pass
Contactless Payment
Access Card/Badge
Voice Assistant Controller
tech specs
Bluetooth for Wireless Connection
Gyroscope Sensor
NFC - Near Field Communication
Water Resistance
Battery Life/Passive device with no battery
1 day
Smartphone and Computer Operating System (OS) Support
Android, iOS
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