THIM Smart Ring

THIM Ring is a wearable device, which helps you to improve the quality of your nightly rest by utilizing the same sleep conditioning techniques that are used by sleep clinics globally. The THIM Ring is delivered with four interchangeable silicone bands with different sizes to fit every user. 

This’s how THIM's sleep conditioning works

When you are ready for bed, put the THIM ring on any finger, and let yourself fall asleep. The Ring begins tracking your sleeping based on detected movements, it identifies the moment you have fallen asleep and emits a small soft vibration to wake you up. 

The findings are supported by published insomnia research. According to a world-leading scientist, Flinders University Professor, Leon Lack, who also assisted the THIM product development team, repeatedly falling asleep conditions you to sleep better each time around. 

The sleep trials are activated during the first 60 minutes of your bedtime. THIM tracks how long it takes you to get back to sleep. As sleep drive increases over time, users can begin to fall asleep quicker. This re-training to fall asleep quickly has been shown in clinical trials to last at least up to six months. 

Potential sleeping quality improvements with THIM

According to THIM, over a certain period, you can expect to achieve improvements similar to the following:

  • 28-minute reduction in time awake
  • 30-minute reduction in sleep onset latency
  • 67-minute longer duration of total sleep time 

How THIM tracks your sleep?

The sleep tracking on THIM is based solely on detecting movements. Throughout the night, the THIM ring will score your sleep efficiency and is interpreted using a unique sleep-tracking algorithm. It tracks REM sleep cycles, time to fall asleep, and nocturnal movements. 

THIM Sleep Tracker

The THIM Smartphone App

The THIM smart ring connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy technology to transfer the sleep data from the smart ring to the smartphone app in real-time. The app allows you to program the device and view the measured improvements and results.

Specifically, the app delivers you the following information

  • Sleep efficiency score  
  • The time  it is taken to fall asleep 
  • Duration of different sleep stages 
  • Frequency and duration of waking episodes.

THIM’s Power Nap Feature

THIM provides a ‘power nap’ feature. The Ring detects when you’ve fallen into your lightest stage of sleep. It determines the optimal moment for waking up and emits a small vibration on your finger. 

THIM also features gradual wake-up and smart alarm functions.

Check the FAQ for more about THIM.

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