Wave by Genki Instruments

What's the Wave MIDI controller Ring?

Wave by Genki Instruments is a wearable MIDI Controller smart ring that allows you to control sound, shape effect and send commands to a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) with the motion of your finger. You can operate the Wave Ring through three control buttons, and it has a LED display for user feedback. Wave is designed to be mounted on your index finger. The control buttons can then be operated with the thumb.

How to Use the Wave Ring to Control Music?

Here is a video showing Francesco Fabris, studio head engineer, producer and musician at the Greenhouse Studios using the Wave Ring to control music.

You can also check the 101 guide to learn how to start using the Wave by Genki Instruments Smart Ring.

The Wave Ring Connectivity and Compatibility

You can connect Wave to your computer via Bluetooth connectivity. It works with all major musical software. You can charge it via a Micro USB port, and, when fully loaded, you will have up to 8 hours of battery life with you. Wave fits any user, and finger thanks to the adjustable strap. It is designed for music creators, DJs, and musicians.  

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Blood Oxygen Sensor
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Bluetooth for Wireless Connection
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