Xenxo S-Ring

What's Xenxo S-Ring all about?

The Xenxo S-Ring aims to become the Swiss army knife of smart rings as it packs a whole array of technologies and features. The list of functions begins from the phone extension - you can use Xenxo S-Ring as the phone speaker and microphone. It also works as a music player controller with a Bluetooth connected smartphone. The ring packs data storage of up to 4 GB through the USB interface, which also doubles for charging. Xenxo also has NFC functionality for payment features, vibration alarm, panic button, Bluetooth based access card for smart locks, voice assistant interface, and sensors for fitness tracking.

Xenxo is included on Indiegogo and Kickstarter crowdfunding platforms to finance the development this jack of all trades Smart Ring into a complete, commercial product.

Here is a quick rundown of the key features on Xenxo S-Ring.

Xenxo S-Ring as a Smart Key

Xenxo S-Ring provides smart key capabilites in two different flavours. The first one is based on Bluetooth pairing with the lock, and the second one uses NFC technology.

Contactless Payment on Xenxo S-Ring

When launched, Xenxo S-Ring is planned to include a NFC chip for contactless payment.

Panic Button Included

A panic button is one of the highlights of Xenxo S-Ring. It works in the same way as in other Smart Ring devices - i.e., making a SOS call to a pre-defined list of contacts when the user presses the button.

Xenxo S-Ring Fitness Tracker

Xenxo S-Ring advertises fitness tracking capabilities, however, the product specifications do not yet provide details other than that the device would not include heart rate measurement capabilities.

Mobile Phone on Your Finger

Xenxo S-Ring has also Bluetooth calling feature allowing you to leave the mobile phone in your pocket and still take that important call by using the ring.

Xenxo S-Ring Memory for Storing and Sharing Information

Last, but not least, Xenxo S-Ring comes with a memory chip to store your sensitive data. Granted, these days 4 GB of memory is not something to write home about, yet it may come handy to have it on your finger in some situations - such as sharing contacts quickly.

product functionalities
Product categories
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Sleep Tracking and Improvement
Stress Level Monitoring and Management
Heart Rate Measurement and Monitoring
Blood Oxygen Sensor
Sleep Apnea Screening
Step Counter for Activity Tracking
Public Travel Pass
Contactless Payment
Access Card/Badge
Voice Assistant Controller
tech specs
Bluetooth for Wireless Connection
Gyroscope Sensor
NFC - Near Field Communication
Water Resistance
Battery Life/Passive device with no battery
5 days
Smartphone and Computer Operating System (OS) Support
Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS X
product availability
Is the product available for purchases?
Not yet.